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Rendering.NET allows the allocation/deallocation of resources like VertexBuffers, IndexBuffers and TextureBuffers on video memory. Before render the scene, Rendering.NET tries to allocate all the resources on video memory, and deallocates after the scene is rendered. If any particular resource is allocated before render the scene then Rendering.NET doesn’t allocate or deallocate that particular resource.

The method Allocate allocates the resource on a specific render.
private IModel teapot;
public void InitializeScene(IRender render)
    teapot = System.Rendering.Models.Teapot.Allocate(render);

Also you can allocate TextureBuffers previous to render.
private TextureBuffer texture;
public void IntializeScene(IRender render)
    texture = render.Services.LoadTexture("Resources/Tulips.jpg").Allocate(render);

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